Carthage will be competing with Syracuse, the Romans, and the Celts in order to gain control over the Mediterranean Sea. Carthage was once one of the most powerful cities in the regions however due to competing empire and internal crises the city is struggling to survive. Carthage intends on using its powerful navy to regain its power in the region. 

Antonio Kieschnick.JPG

Antonio Kieschnick - Crisis Director

Antonio is a sophomore with a double major in History and the Global Liberal Studies program with a concentration in Politics, Rights and Development. He spends his free time listening to dancehall reggae and Mexican bolero YouTube mixes. He joined MUN less for the educational aspect (although there are many) and more for the public speaking practice and the opportunities to accommodate himself to more stressful situations.

Priya Mehta - Chair

Priya is a sophomore at the College of Arts and Science studying Computer Science. She is looking forward to NYUMUNC and is excited to be chairing the Carthage Committee. Besides Model UN, she loves drinking copious amounts of coffee and binge watching tv shows on Netflix.