The Celtic Tribes

We’re cute. We’re flirty. We’re cutthroat.”

It is 300 BCE. Rome has continuously been at odds with the Celtic tribes spread throughout the Mediterranean for more than the past two centuries. Carthage continues to be a pivotal trading source for Celtic tribes in the Iberian region, fueling the slave trade. And tensions continue to remain on-edge between the Celts and Syracuse. But the Celts continue to lay siege wherever they go – spreading West deep into the Balkans and farther north towards the British Isles. The Celts will ensure their success in claiming the seas and become the presiding empire no matter who stands in their way.

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Minori Parelkar - Chair

Currently a freshman still trying to figure out which floor of the library is the best to sleep on, Minori is studying Economics and Psychology at the College of Arts and Science at NYU. 

When she's not stressing over the three math classes she mistakenly took this semester, you can find her getting lost in New York or in a book, either way she anxiously uses Google Maps to find her way back.

Minori began her Model UN career in her junior year of high school and she is looking forward to chairing in this year's NYUMUNC conference and to running a better committee than Operation Snow White's chair Caroline Bernstein

Colin Kimberlin  

Colin is currently a student majoring in Global Public Health and Anthropology at New York University. He currently serves as a research assistant on the Esteem Program at the Yale School of Public Health. 

Colin is originally from the Holland, Michigan. After graduation, Colin plans on attending Yale University for a masters in public health.