Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Blessed People of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, 

안녕하세요. We welcome you to sunny Pyongyang (Trip Advisor's #1 2018 destination) to lead the glorious Korean nation to dominance in the Six Party Talks. The DPRK will not relinquish its scientific accomplishments, its advanced technology, to please an outdated international system. We stand by our trustworthy principles, to Juche and our love for the Supreme Leader. Though we face struggles both domestic and international, the iron will of the Korean people will prevail. 

Join us, and we shall show the West the Six Party talks cannot besmirch the eternal name of Kim Il-Sung.


Amara and Damon

Damon Aitken.JPG

Amara Thomas - Chair


Amara is a senior in NYU’s College of Arts and Science majoring in Spanish and minoring in Chemistry. She's on the pre-med track, hoping to help others even though she can't help herself. Most of her time, when not drowning in school work, is spent watching random videos on YouTube and trying to catch up with Black Mirror. Her main goals for 2018 are to ball on a budget, make this bullet journal thing work out, and to meet new people.

Damon Aitken - Crisis Director

Damon is a senior studying Economics and minoring in Politics. He is originally from the UK but grew up near San Francisco, California. He speaks 6 languages and is passionate about international development and business in emerging markets. In his free time, he enjoys watching football (the international kind), learning swear words in Cantonese, and tagging friends in memes about economics.