Era of Trump

You are all invited to a special session of the NATO council. Attendance from each nation is mandatory, as we'll be spending the weekend determining the future of the NATO pact under the era of Trump.

Is NATO outdated, or is it more relevant than ever as Cold War tensions and non-state actors threaten our allies?

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Emma Zhang - Chair

Emma is a senior at NYU double majoring in Math and Finance. She likes Chipotle, brunch, and vegetation. She is very concise. 

James Lei - Crisis Director

Hey guys! My name is James Lei and I'm the Crisis Director for the Era of Trump Committee. I'm currently a first year at NYU studying Business & Technology Management on a pre-law track; at the moment I'm aiming to study at a law school after my graduating from NYU but all of that is still relatively tentative. In my free time, I like exploring the city, finding great places to eat, hanging out with friends at boba cafes, and more. I'm very open to listening to almost all kinds of music but recently I've been going back and listening to hit tracks from the 2000s. I'm very excited to meet all of you and I hope you guys will enjoy the committee as much as I enjoyed preparing for it!