Gaian republic

In 2150, Project Gaia was initiated to transport a selected group of people to Mars to test the living conditions of the planet. What humankind did not know at the time was that Project Gaia was a public alias for the Gaian Cult, which has been pulling the strings of history and preparing the near extinction of the human race. After war, strife, and natural chaos finally destroyed planet Earth in 2200, the Gaian Republic was formed out of the families of the Gaian cult who were fortunate enough to be picked to go to Mars. Slowly the Gaian Republic returned to Earth and beganits conquest of nearby star systems. Now, in the year 3000, it has gained territory, it has lost territory, and it has reverted to an empire. But what remains constant is the unending pursuit for the perfection of humanity. 


Isioma Okocha - Chair 

Isioma Okocha is a senior studying Politics at NYU. Isioma enjoys visiting museums on the weekends, reading and volunteering at her local animal shelter. She is interested in art, film, and literature. Her favorite film is Casablanca and her favorite restaurant is Bar Verde. 


Lee Lee - Crisis Director

Lee Lee is currently a class man studying at NYU’s School for College Students with a dual major in something interesting and something cool. People tend to have a hard time remembering his name so he identifies by either his first name, Lee, or his last name, Lee. Lee likes to do many things but also does not like to do some other things, and mostly enjoys the finer things in life like putting his name on everything. When you don’t find Lee doing certain things, you can spot him doing other things in the city he is currently residing in.