General Crisis

Black Hawk Down

The Somali Civil War has been raging on for over a year since the overthrow of Mohammad Siad Barre, with no clear end in sight. International relief efforts are underway, but emergency food and water convoys are constantly under attack by local militia groups, who have taken over the city of Mogadishu. Since December of 1992, secure routes have been established and reinforced by the US army, but the strain on military resources and the political pressure between warring groups are growing. The UN has sanctioned the mission to become one that establishes a secure environment and effective government, police force and national army. However, despite agreeing to the mission shift, the factions in Mogadishu are still at war.

As a committee, you’ll be able to decide the fate of Somalia, and the future of foreign relations between the US and nations in Africa, as well as the effectiveness of the UN. May the best leader win.

Commonwealth of Independent States

The Commonwealth of Independent States is a gathering of previous states belonging to the USSR and parts of the Ottoman Empire, and is now holding an emergency summit, to discuss the newest developments in Central and Western Asia. The Syrian War threatens West Asian countries, and Russian involvement could soon pull member states into the fray as well. However, as the situation worsens, the international community is looking to the commonwealth to find a solution to the war that is becoming more dire by the hour.

You, as the leaders of these individual states, will have to find away to work together or battle for dominance in Eastern Europe, as you negotiate the looming influences of the US and the conflict between the US and Russia.

First Contact

It has been over a century since NASA launched the Voyager mission, equipped with the Voyager Golden Records intended to be found and played by any intercepting intelligent life. Decades after the records had stopped transmitting information back to Earth and longer still since humanity had given up hope, NASA has once again begun picking up the location of the records---and it’s getting closer. Something is bringing the records home. Now, the United States, facing environmental, social, and international problems, must decide  to this new, mysterious visitor, and decide whether they pose enough of a threat to ignore the looming political, environmental and societal stirrings in the country currently.

Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General

The Ad-Hoc committee topics will only be declared on the first day of the conference to participating delegates. An application for this committee will be released at the end of the Early Registration period.

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