People's Republic of China

This committee is part of the Joint Crisis Committees—6 Party Talks. We are focusing on resolving the conflict at hand with North Korea. We cooperate and discuss with other five members of these talks to ensure that the outcome is respected by the global community. The difference in values that we carry and the ones that are at hand present complications in dealing with this issue. We aim to resolve this issue while respecting every country’s opinion and keep the values and interests of China in consideration

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Andrey Makiyevskiy - Chair

Andrey Makiyevskiy is currently a Freshman who is thinking of double majoring in economics and international politics. Andrey's passion for MUN started roughly five years ago when he got involved with it in his high school. Since then, he has chaired over 10 conferences and has always been working on improving his MUN skillset. Overall, he believes that MUN enables young leaders to make their voices heard through debate. 

Brian Li - Crisis Director

Brian is a sophomore studying Economics and Education Studies, and he wishes to pursue a career in international education. Brian won 2 national championships on Chinese traditional music performance and is preparing to publish his own poetry collection. This man is insanely in love with food, more on eating them than making them. MUN-wise: Brian has been doing MUN for 6 years and he is really excited to meet more great people during NYUMUN!