Protean Empire

The year is 3000, and a lot has happened to our world this past millennia. We developed the capability to traverse space, and have dominated our own solar system. However, trouble brews at home and as we look outward at other great space empires. You are apart of the Protean Empire, an empire which has rapidly grown in the past century. Forged from 5 precursor civilizations on the planet Proteus, the empire now spans 5 planets and more than 7 races. Proteans are known for their fierce battle tactics and tributary and egalitarian system. You will use the resources of your home planet and system to try and conquer other nearby civilizations.

Sera Saju.JPG

Sera Saju - Chair

Sera is a biochemistry major at NYU on the pre-medicine track. She has been doing Model United Nations since her sophomore year of high school so please feel free to ask her about any questions regarding parliamentary procedure or Model UN in general. Sera is very excited to be chairing for Protean Empire and can't wait to meet you all. 


Zaeem Nazir - Crisis Director

Zaeem is a Biochemistry major, and rising med student. He has been doing Model UN since his freshman year, and has been on the travel team, secretariat, and administrative board during his college years. Zaeem also loves food, so if you need restaurant recommendations, just ask.