Rebuilding Humanity


Two hundred years in the future, quickly building international political tension left nuclear war as an unfortunate inevitability. In the decades leading up to the conflict, world governments prepared for what they knew was coming by brushing off the nearly-derelict cold war fallout shelters and rebuilding, updating, and expanding them. Their single goal: to protect each nation’s most powerful and influential in the case of an all-out nuclear conflict. When the day came, the world’s most powerful people, across every major nation, were rushed into the shelters while the rest of the world faded into oblivion in the initial blast or the ensuing fallout.

More than a century later, the air and soil of what once was the United States of America has been deemed safe again, and descendents of the elite who managed to survive and reproduce underground emerge into a desolate world. Decades of progress show us a society that is slowly rebuilding itself. Will the new humanity fall back to the ways of their ancestors, each faction struggling to regain and increase the power they had before the fall, or will they move forward towards a new and permanent peace?

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