Republic of Korea

Welcome Glorious citizens of the Republic of South Korea!!!

We invite you to explore every nook and cranny of our illustrious culture. We have a military, an exceptional e-sports program, a fabulous music industry, and a diverse culinary heritage. All of of course spoken in our beautiful language. 

We look forward to seeing all of you, whether you be government officials, business professionals, military men, or cultural icons. Help us defend our precious nation from any threats while the nations of the world talk around us. We will rise stronger than ever as we attempt to finally resolve our issues with the North. 

With love,  


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Euan McArdle - Chair

Euan McArdle is the chair of South Korea. When not trying to sleep, he dedicates some time to his double major in Economics and Political Science. As for the other 90% of this time, you can catch him reading, writing about Southeast Asia, or fanning over Doctor Who or Game of Thrones. Occasionally, he also thinks about the countless other shows he needs to watch. He is also prone to just falling over himself and vegetating on the bed, unless otherwise brunching. As for what he loves - aside from his wonderful self of course - it’s primarily his crotchety old-man of a dog, the snake he had to release into the wild, and the absolute treasure that is Sir David Attenborough.

Mohammed Sharaf - Crisis Director

Mohammed (Mo) Sharaf is the unicorn studying Biomedical Science at the Tandon School of Engineering who also happens to write creatively at the College of Arts and Sciences. When he’s not trying to diagnose athletic injuries, working on his mixtape or participating in conferences with the NYUMUN Travel Team, Mo can be found supporting Arsenal FC of the Premier League. He also finds himself involved in not one, but two Greek organizations, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Mu Upsilon Nu. Nobody knows if Mo will actually survive this semester, but if he does, he wishes you a wonderful conference as CD of the obviously superior South Korea JCC. سلام.