Welcome to the Russian Federation! We are very happy to have you here. This is a joint-crisis committee, which means we will be working in conjunction with several other crisis committees (five others, to be exact) in order to reach a mutual resolution (or not). This committee represents the Russian Federation in the six-party talks, which are meetings held by six participating states, i.e. North Korea, South Korea, Japan, USA, China and of course, us, in order to find a peaceful resolution to the security issues raised by the North Korean nuclear missile program. This is particularly relevant considering the US President's "Rocket Man" fiasco (and more). Our committee will attempt to represent Russia and Russian security interests to our best ability. 


Gaurav Mehta - Chair

Gaurav is currently a senior studying Politics and Economics. He enjoys going bar hopping reading and arguing pointlessly about politics. Note do not make him angry. 

Pragya Gianani - Crisis Director

Pragya Gianani is a junior majoring in Global Liberal Studies concentrating in Politics, Rights and Development and minoring in Social Entrepreneurship. She currently consults a cultural exchange NGO, Jalopy Theater in Red Hook, Brooklyn and interns at Council of American-Islamic Relations as a legal intern. She also really likes herself, and is pretty narcissistic, if that wasn't obvious. She is currently reading a Chinese Sci-Fi novel called Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin and she highly recommends it if you would like a best delegate award.