Shagun Varma

Shagun is a senior at NYU studying Economics with a minor in Math. Having moved around a lot growing up, Shagun has inevitably been involved in Model United Nations since freshman year of high school. She has previously served as Under-Secretary General of Personnel for NYUMUNC X, Assistant Under-Secretary General of Personnel for NYUMUNC IX, and Assistant Crisis Director for NYUMUNC VIII. When she's not working on MUN, Shagun spends her time working as a Statistics TA, giving career advice as a Peer Mentor at Stern, and writing her thesis.

She looks forward to serving as Secretary-General for NYUMUNC XI, and can’t wait for you all to join us in the Spring!



Antoine is tackling his senior year at NYU studying Computer Science and Economics.  Ever since a young age he has been passionate about politics and current events. This lead him to being involved in Model United Nations since high school. At NYU, he started off as a crisis analyst for NYUMUNC VIII, moved onto being a Crisis Director for NYUMUNC IX, the Under Secretary General of Operations for NYUMUNC X and is excited to serve as your Director General for this coming conference. Antoine is also a Head Teaching assistant/Babysitter/Tech employee that truly (TRULY) enjoys sleeping in his limited free time.

Antoine is extremely excited for this year’s conference and to have the absolute pleasure of serving as the Director-General for NYUMUNC XI.


Under secretary-general of committees

Omar is a Junior at NYU studying Biology on the pre-health track. Ever since he was a high school freshman Omar has been involved in Model United Nations and as a pre-health student at university he didn’t want to let that part of his life go. He has previously served as AUSG of Committees for NYUMUNC X and a chair for NYUMUNC IX. When he’s not working on MUN, you can find him studying for the MCATs in the library or tutoring biology/chemistry at the ARC.

Omar is ecstatic to serve as your USG of Committees this year, and is hoping for an absolutely pleasurable and fruitful experience.


Yasmeen Fathallah
Assistant under secretary-general of committees

Yasmeen is a sophomore studying Business with a concentration in Marketing and a co-concentration in Sustainable Business. She’s also double-minoring in Politics and Psychology, because she may as well throw in an extra 32 credits into the mix of undergrad. What exactly all of that is going to amount to, she is not yet sure. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, she had an even ratio of cornfields and skyscrapers but has been having a great time in NYC where she can often be found exploring a new part of Central Park or eating literally anything with Nutella on it.

After her time as a delegate in high school MUN she decided to get involved in college, too. She participated as a Crisis Analyst in EmpireMUNC V and as a Vice Chair in NYUMUNC X. She’s very excited to serve on Secretariat for NYUMUNC XI and is looking forward to the conference!


Nayon Kim
assistant under secretary-general of committees

Nayon is a senior in College of Arts and Science studying Economics with a minor in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies.

She joined Model UN in the beginning of her sophomore year of college and has been involved as a Vice Chair for EmpireMUNC V, a Chair for NYUMUNC X, and a Chair for EmpireMUNC VI. She has loved (almost) every moment and (almost) every person in the club, and is beyond excited to work with you all!

Outside of MUN, she can be found searching for the best chocolate chip cookies in the city, people watching in Washington Square Park, and studying for the actuarial exams.


PUNN Siwabutr
Assistant under secretary-general of committees

Punn is a junior triple majoring in International Relations, History, and German and Linguistics in the College of Arts and Science. In IR he concentrates in European and East Asian affairs, as well as security and defence. He hails from Thailand, having lived through two coups d’état - first in 2006 and then in 2014. That political context gave him the impetus to participate in MUN, which he has been involved in since 2015. Since then, MUN has been a huge part of his life, having participated in over thirty conferences in a variety of countries throughout high school and college, including serving as Secretary-General of Thailand’s national conference.

Outside of MUN, he can be found writing articles for NYU's International Relations Insider publication, doing traditional Korean drumming, and staring at maps in various Paradox and Firaxis games (Venice is OP no matter what game it’s in). He is very excited to serve as part of NYUMUNC XI’s Secretariat, and looks forward to working with all of you!


Mae Davis-Rackerby
Under secretary-general of crisis

Mae is a senior at NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences, studying International Relations with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. She joined MUN a few weeks into her freshman year of college when she was hired to be a crisis director for NYUMUNC VIII, something she cites as one of the best choices of her college career. She has since served as CD twice more for both NYUMUNC and EmpireMUNC and was on Secretariat as AUSG of Crisis for NYUMUNC X.

Outside of MUN, you can find Mae ranting to whoever will listen about peaceful foreign policy (don’t get her started on Yemen), writing yet another paper on the political situation in Latin America, or stressed about her senior thesis. When she needs to take a breather from international politics she plays the guitar and eats a lot of macaroni and cheese.

Mae loves this conference dearly and is excited to help make NYUMUNC XI the best one yet!


Katrina Dubee
assistant under secretary-general of crisis

Katrina is in her final year of a five year Bachelor’s/Master’s program in International Relations and is in the throes of writing her second of two theses (someone please send help).  Within the IR program, she is concentrating in the Middle East as well as intelligence and national security. She’s from right outside Washington, D.C., meaning she grew up a political junkie, and underwent the rite of passage that is the IB program. Katrina serves as NYUMUN’s Chief of Staff, and has participated in both EmpireMUNC and NYUMUNC as a Crisis Director.

When not holed up in Bobst Library, Katrina works as an intern at the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. In her rare free time, she can be found at Broadway shows, rewatching Star Wars, and yelling at the news.  She is thrilled to be a part of Secretariat for NYUMUNC XI, and can’t wait to see you all at conference!


kate holland
assistant under secretary-general of crisis

Kate is a senior majoring in Economics with a minor in Computer Science. Starting her seventh year of Model UN (and seventh conference at NYU!), Kate has long considered MUN a home for her and it has become her family in college. She is passionate about the creativity the backroom affords and is excited to work with the rest of the team to make NYUMUNC XI an enriching, engaging and exciting experience for staff and delegates alike.

In her rare bits of spare time that are not dedicated to her academics or MUN, Kate can be found exploring the city, cooking new dishes, reading, rewatching The Good Place, and making everyone pancakes or hot chocolate. Born in San Francisco, she is adamant in her belief that the west coast is undeniably the best coast, despite choosing to go to school in New York, forcing her to learn how to cope with weather below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. However, her loyalty to the west coast will not prevent her from going on long rants about the inefficiencies of the BART transit system.

Most of all, Kate wants to be a resource for all delegates and staff — so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns, or just need someone to talk to. Let’s make NYUMUNC XI the best it can be!


Vivian so
assistant under secretary-general of crisis

Vivian is a junior studying International Relations with a double minor in Media, Culture & Communications and French, and is currently in her ninth year of MUN (yes, she realizes how depressing that is). She grew up in suburban Beijing, suffered through the IB program, and will gladly tell you all about how her high school literally built anti-pollution domes. A massive Broadway nerd and a foodie (two guesses as to where all her money goes), please do kindly tell her to shut up if she starts talking about Broadway because otherwise she never will. Her other great love in life is Top Gear/The Grand Tour, and her dream is to one day run a three-way JCC consisting of: the Top Gear production team, BBC executives, and a committee of Stigs (she realizes that this is never going to happen but will also fight anyone who says the Stigs wouldn’t achieve world domination).

She has served as a Crisis Director for both NYUMUNC and EmpireMUNC, as well as being one of the AUSGs of Crisis at NYUMUNC X. She is looking forward to reprising her role for NYUMUNC XI, and can’t wait to see you all during the next Pollening!


Matthew Shen
under secretary-general of operations, Logistics

Matthew is a sophomore at the Tandon School of Engineering studying Civil Engineering with a minor in Transportation. Matthew grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and like many other members of Secretariat, suffered through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. Last year Matthew was a Logistics Coordinator for NYUMUNC X and a Vice Chair for EmpireMUNC V (NYU’s high school Model UN conference). Outside of MUN, Matthew is part of a research team working on the integrations of autonomous vehicles into urban areas. In his spare time Matthew enjoys spending time in DUMBO, eating artichoke pizza, and procrastinating on psets.

Over conference weekend, Matthew will be serving as the Under Secretary-General of Operations, Logistics. He is looking forward to (hopefully) fixing all of the “real crises” that pop up and taking micro naps in between sessions.


minori parelkar
under secretary-General of operations, finance

Minori is a junior studying Economics and Psychology with a minor in Business Studies at the College of Arts and Science. She’s been involved with MUN ever since her freshman year, from a Crisis Analyst in EmpireMUNC V to a chair in NYUMUNC IX. Last year, she served as NYUMUNC X’s AUSG of Personnel.

When she’s not watching The Bachelor with her roommates, you can find her recreating tasty videos in her dorm room kitchen, out dancing at any club that will take her, or trying to catch the last couple rays out in Washington Square park before finals. Minori is looking forward to serving as the Under Secretary-General of Operations, Finance, and wishes you good luck at NYUMUNC XI!


maria gracia santillana linares
assistant under secretary-general of delegate affairs

Maria Gracia, also known as Mari, is a sophomore at CAS studying International Relations and Journalism, with a minor in Public Policy and Management. Having moved around a Latin America growing up, she always knew she wanted to do something in the international realm. She decided to combine that with her love of writing and hopes one day to be a conflict reporter, but don’t tell her parents that! Since high school, Mari has sold her soul to Model UN, so she knew she had to continue the now tradition in college. As Vice-Chair at EmpireMUNC V, Assistant Crisis Director at NYUMUNC X, and current Deputy Head Delegate of the Travel Team, she’s gotten to know so many people and truly loves her Model UN family.  

In her (limited) time not doing Model UN, Mari enjoys watching various netflix and hulu shows, dancing to Latin jams, and finding a good book to read every once in a while. She is incredibly excited to be part of NYUMUNC XI Secretariat and is more than happy to answer any questions delegates may have!


nikhil Vaidyamath
assistant under secretary-general of tech

Nikhil is a senior at NYU studying Computer Science and Political Science. He has been involved in Model UN in high school and is thrilled to be back in the realm. Coming from Northern California, he is obsessed with nature and is always talking about California. He is excited to be interning in Microsoft during the summer, and loves to build mobile apps. He is passionate in politics and plans on running for U.S Senate to represent his home state at the federal level. Outside of school, you can catch Nikhil working out or playing basketball at the courts. He enjoys watching NBA and exploring New York City with friends.

Nikhil is excited to serve as AUSG of Tech and is looking forward to this year’s conference!


priya mehta
under secretary-general of personnel

Priya is a senior at NYU studying Computer Science and is on the premed track. She has always been interested in international relations and started her Model UN career in high school. While in college, she has served as a Vice Chair, Chair, and Assistant Under Secretary-General of Committees. During her free time, Priya loves to drink LOTS of coffee, bake chocolate chip cookies, and take long naps.

Priya is excited to serve as USG of Personnel and can’t wait for this year’s conference!


lacy kimberling
Assistant Under Secretary-General of Personnel

Lacy is a junior studying accounting and economics at NYU as part of their BS/MS in Accounting Program on the CPA track.  Although her major if not directly of Model UN nature, she enjoys being involved in debate as well as meeting new people both from NYU and visiting schools.  Lacy joined Model UN in her freshman spring semester as a crisis analyst and came back as a chair for the historical joint-crisis committee for NYUMUNC X.

In her free time, Lacy likes to socialize with friends as well as watch (and rewatch) various Netflix shows, always with a glass of chocolate milk in hand.

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