Prabhod Mudlapur

Prab is a senior studying Mathematics with a minor in Business Studies at the College of Arts and Sciences at NYU. He has previously worked with NYUMUNC as a CD and with the Joint Crisis Committees, and also traveled with the team during his freshman year. Outside of Model UN, Prab is involved with the Economics Review, tries to train for marathons and procrastinates on his grad school applications.

He is extremely excited to serve as the Secretary-General for NYUMUNC X, and hopes to work with everybody to make this year's conference the best yet!


Melisa sajjad

Melisa is a junior studying Business & Technology Management with a minor in Mathematics. This is her 7th year doing Model United Nations; four of which she has spent organizing the actual conferences. She splits her free time between being an RA, walking dogs, watching Netflix, reading philosophy books, and searching for authentic and spicy food.

She looks forward to serving as the Director-General, alongside the Secretariat, to cultivate the best participant experience yet under the NYUMUNC brand.


ujjwal singhania
Under secretary-general of committees

Ujjwal is a senior majoring in computer science at the Tandon School of Engineering at NYU. He has been a part of three NYUMUNC conferences in the past as a vice-chair, chair and as an AUSG-Committees. When he’s not hacking away on school assignments or building machine learning models, Ujjwal likes to read, play video games and travel. Apart from being involved with ModelUN, Ujjwal is a TA for Algorithms and ML and is also cracking away on beating the financial market using AI.


Priya Mehta
Assistant under secretary-general of committees

Priya is a junior studying Computer Science and on the pre-med track at the College of Arts and Sciences. In the past, she has chaired and vice chaired for NYUMUNC. Outside of Model UN, Priya spends her time conducting research at the NYU College of Dentistry, binge watching anything and everything on Netflix, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Priya is looking forward to NYUMUNC X and hopes everyone involved has a great time!!


rhea (mocha) sastry
assistant under secretary-general of committees

Rhea, who goes by Mocha, is a senior studying History with a minor in Politics at the College of Arts and Sciences at NYU. She has previously worked at NYUMUNC as an Assistant Crisis Director and as a Crisis Analyst, as well as being a Crisis Director in EmpireMUNC. Outside of Model UN, Mocha helps run a political startup in SoHo and works at Equinox SoHo, and procrastinates taking the LSATs.

She is excited to serve as the Assistant Under-Secretary General of Committees for NYUMUNC X and is hoping this conference will be as fantastic as the last few years have been!


Omar qassab
Assistant under secretary-general of committees

Omar Qassab is a sophomore studying Biology at the College of Arts and Science. He is dedicated to continuous process improvement in the face of rapidly evolving and changing environment. Extremely results- orientated and proactive in addressing and resolving problems.

He has previously worked with NYUMUNC as a chair during his Freshman year and is looking forward to be your AUSG of committees this year.


David Kang
Under secretary-general of crisis

David Kang is a senior studying Politics, Statistics, and Business Management at New York University. In 2017, he transferred to NYU from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He was appointed one of the collegiate advisors of the Hawaii Model United Nations League and became a student leader for the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) Honolulu-Hawaii chapter. In 2016, he served as the director general for Pacific MUN Conference. At NYU, he is the Treasurer of the club, a member of the travel team, a chair for EmpireMUNC V, and happy to serve as your Under Secretary General for NYUMUNC X.


vivian so
assistant under secretary-general of crisis

Vivian is currently a sophomore at the College of Arts & Sciences, and is on her eighth year of MUN (yes, she realizes how scary and sad that is). She grew up in suburban Beijing, suffered through the IB program, and will gladly tell you all about how her high school literally built pollution domes. A Broadway nerd at heart, she spends her free time stalking her favorite stars and watching way too many shows. If you happen to be a Top Gear/Grand Tour fan, please hit her up since she watches an unhealthy amount of both shows and knows enough for her obsession to be considered…well, an obsession. She is very excited to be one of your AUSGs of Crisis for NYUMUNC X and looks forward to working with you all!


mae davis-rackerby
assistant under secretary-general of crisis

Mae is a junior at NYU studying International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies. She has worked on NYUMUNC twice previously as a Crisis Director, and is excited to step up and into the role of AUSG of Crisis. Outside of MUN you can find her playing the guitar, preparing for a semester abroad in Argentina, and expressing her passion for domestic politics by registering people to vote.

Mae is incredibly excited to be involve with NYUMUNC X, and help make NYUMUNC's tenth anniversary one to remember!


shreya kaushik
assistant under secretary-general of crisis

Shreya is a Senior studying Political Science at NYU’s College of Arts and Science. Ever since she was called 'slightly bossy' by her kindergarten teacher, she has been fine-tuning her plans for world domination. Born and bred in Bombay, she loves eating, writing, and reading (in no particular order). She is excited to work with you as your AUSG of Crisis for NYUMUNC X!


antoine assaf
under secretary-general of operations

Antoine Assaf is a Junior studying Computer Science and Economics and has always been passionate about the political scene. He has served as a crisis analyst in his first year of NYUMUNC and CD in his second. Outside of the club Antoine is a passionate TA who works with people who want to learn more about the variety of engineering fields out there.

Now in his third year in the club, he is very eager to work and assist everyone in helping create a smooth and successful conference as the USG of operations. He is looking forward to meeting all of you and providing all the support needed for you to have the best conference possible this year.


olivia gong
Assistant under secretary-General of delegate affairs

Olivia is a Junior studying Finance with minors in Psychology and Computer Science at NYU’s Stern School of Business (hiss). She has previously worked for NYUMUNC as an Assistant Crisis Director, been on directorate for NYU's high school conference, and will be a Deputy Head Delegate on NYU's Travel Team this year. Outside of Model UN, Olivia splits her time between internships, selling and renting NYC apartments, and greek life.

She is very excited to be AUSG of Delegate Affairs for NYUMUNC X, and looks forward to collaborating to make NYUMUNC X the best conference yet!


seunggun lee
assistant under secretary-general of tech & web

Seunggun is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Economics at the College of Arts and Sciences. He has served as a crisis analyst for EmpireMUNC and NYUMUNCIX, and is excited to use his experience to enhance the tech-side of NYUMUNCX to better complement both the staff and delegates. Outside of MUN, you can find Seunggun roaming around New York City, frantically looking for quality Korean restaurants that are close and affordable.

He is excited to work hard with everyone participating in NYUMUNCX to make it the best conference ever!


Shagun Varma
under secretary-general of personnel

Shagun is currently a junior at NYU, studying Economics at Stern. Originally from Mumbai, India, Shagun has been involved in Model United Nations since freshman year of high school. She has previously served as Assistant Under-Secretary General of Personnel for NYUMUNC IX, and Assistant Crisis Director for NYUMUNC VIII. When she's not working on MUN, Shagun spends her time reading about health (but eating pizza anyway) and watching The Office.

She looks forward to serving as USG of Personnel for the best NYUMUNC yet!

Minori Parelkar
Assistant Under Secretary-General of Personnel

Minori is a sophomore currently studying Economics and Psychology at the College of Arts and Sciences at NYU. Previously, she was the chair for NYUMUNC’s Historical Celtic committee and has also staffed for the highschool conference. When she’s not stressing over MUN, Minori can be seen walking by the sample table at Trader Joe’s multiple times, getting lost on the way to class, or catching up on sleep on literally any surface she can find.

She is very excited to be serving as the AUSG of Personnel for NYUMUNC X, and hopes to share some sort of email correspondence (preferably including dog memes) with you soon!

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