The year is 300 BCE. Four different powers are fighting for control over the Mediterranean: the Carthaginians, the Celtic tribes, the Romans, and us, the seafaring Greek city-state of Syracuse. All have the potential to control the Mediterranean; will Syracuse balance its internal political conflict, the growing tensions with Carthage and Rome, threats to naval trade routes and the conflict over Sicily with its ambitions to dominate the region? Only time (and diplomatic and military negotiations) will tell!

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Shreya Kaushik - Chair

Ever since Shreya Kaushik was called 'slightly bossy' by her kindergarten teacher, she has been fine-tuning her plans for world domination (and came up with a strategy to invade Lichtenstein when she was 16). Born and bred in Bombay, she is from a large, opinionated Tamilian family of voracious readers. She loves political science, eating, writing, and psychology (in no particular order). You can find Shreya at the local Starbucks, or anywhere with coffee and free wifi.

Vivian So - Crisis Director

Vivian is a freshman at the College of Arts and Sciences, having previously grown up in the suburbs of Beijing. It's also a wonder that her feet are still intact, having spent six years running around Model UN conferences as an admin staff. In her free time, she enjoys taking walks in the city, feeding her unhealthy obsession with Top Gear, and watching too many Broadway shows than is considered normal.