United Network of Interstellar Trade

It is the Year 3000, and the United Network of Interstellar Trade has become a prosperous post-colonial system. Abundant natural resources combined with a rigorous technological boom has led to an advanced society devoid of disease, poverty, and war. Though originally a primarily economic partnership, UNIT has evolved to be a diverse society with an exchange of ideas, technology, and culture. However, the high aristocracy touted by the Capitol and the UNIT Council covers up a teeming underbelly of class inequality, planets in ruin, and cultural tension. Faced also with outside aggression from their ex-colonizers, Gaia, and a newcomer, the war-mongering Proteans, UNIT must work together to preserve their space utopia. 

Carina Kenney.JPG

Carina Kenney - Chair                     

Carina is currently a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying History and Politics. This is her second year as a part of NYUMUNC, but it is her first time participating as a Chair. Aside from Model UN, she enjoys reading trashy mystery novels and going to the opera. 

Mae Davis-Rackerby.JPG

Mae Davis-Rackerby - Crisis Director

Mae is a sophomore studying International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies. This is her second year as an NYUMUNC Crisis Director, and as an avid lover of sci-fi, she's very exited to be part of a committee set in space. When she's not writing character portfolios or crisis outlines, she's playing the guitar and continuing her search for the best mac and cheese in New York City.