Venezuela Economic Crisis

The economy has crashed, oil prices are at an all time low, social unrest is brewing, and protests are arising. Food is scarce and medicine is astronomically expensive. What was once the most stable latin American country is now facing a major transition. It is up to you, delegates, to decide the fate of Venezuela. In this committee, you will face many obstacles, but as you work together to come to resolutions, you can bring back Venezuela to its former glory -- or let it burn.. the choices are yours.

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Neil Bhatia - Chair

Neil Bhatia is a young american barista (baristo?) studying economics at NYU with hopes of becoming governor of California. You may know him from his mediocre performances in Superbad’s “classroom” scene, as well in the NYU Latin Ballroom Dance Team. Outside of school, Neil enjoys ping pong, disco dancing, sun-bathing, and in some occasions — playing the accordion. Neil is currently working on a children’s novel titled “the adventures of bullet the house rabbit”. 

Carlos Pons - Crisis Director

Carlos Pons is a junior studying International Relations and Economics at the College of Arts and Sciences with a passion for human rights. He aspires to be an immigration lawyer. This is his third year with NYUMUNC and he is very excited to be hosting the Venezuela committee.